I gave my first conference talk in 2013 and have spoken at a handful of conferences each year ever since.

Most of my talks are really just narrated live-coding sessions and don't have many traditional slides. Scary, but it's more fun that way.

How forcing yourself to think in CRUD can help you write simpler controllers and uncover interesting domain concepts.

How focusing on isolated unit testing leads to code that's impossible to refactor, and what you should do instead.

How to TDD a brand-new Laravel application from scratch, where not a single line of code (not even a migration) is written until it's required to make a failing test pass.

How to refactor complex code full of nested loops and conditionals into a declarative chain of transformations using functional programming principles.

Why writing well-designed code at the micro level is more important than worrying about high-level architecture.

On common misconceptions developers hold about object-orientation, and how thinking a little differently can drastically simplify your code.

You can watch these and a few other talks I've given on my YouTube channel.