My main focus these days is Tailwind CSS — an open-source utility-first CSS framework for rapidly building custom user interfaces.

I made the decision to work on it full-time beginning in 2019, and have a lot of plans for continuing to improve the framework, grow the community, and expand the ecosystem.

Here are some of the other projects I've worked on in the past — some still actively maintained, and others retired or on pause.

A Laravel development environment for Mac minimalists that just works. Taylor Otwell and I originally developed Valet over a few flurried nights in May 2016, and it's now maintained by my friends Chris Brown and Matt Stauffer.

A static site generator for people who want to use Laravel features like Blade and Mix outside of Laravel. Initially developed by myself in 2015, now maintained by the wonderful folks at Tighten Co.

A checkout-as-a-service SaaS app I started working on in 2017. No longer under development, but you can read more about the project in the announcement post. Even though I never launched the app, the work wasn't all for nothing as this is where Tailwind CSS was born.

A SaaS app that detects code style violations in GitHub pull requests. No longer actively developed but still running for the people who still use it.