In 2014, I started Full Stack Radio — a podcast where I talk to people in the software industry about everything from user experience and product design to unit testing and system administration.

Here are a few of my favorite conversations.

I talk with David Heinemeier Hansson in great detail about how Basecamp 3 is designed and implemented at a technical level.

Taylor Otwell and I share tips, tricks, and strategies for writing cleaner, simpler code when working with Laravel.

I talk with Diana Mounter of GitHub to talk about using design systems to tame legacy CSS, and how GitHub is using utility classes to make it easier to build more consistent, maintainable user interfaces.

I talk with Evan You about advanced component design patterns, and using features like scoped slots and render functions to build components that are much more than just UI widgets.

I talk with Ryan Singer of Basecamp about Jobs-to-be-Done thinking, UX, and product design.

You can listen to the entire back catalogue on the Full Stack Radio website.