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Advanced Vue Component Design

Learn how to design simpler, more flexible components that are both more powerful and easier to maintain.

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I’ve been shipping Vue.js to production since the spring of 2015 and have learned a ton about writing maintainable, resilient Vue code that lasts.

When I first started using Vue, I fell in love because of how easy it made it to do what quickly turned into a mess with jQuery, like dynamically adding fields to a form or showing a loading state while firing off an AJAX request.

Three years later I’ve realized that Vue solves a lot of hard problems that I never expected it to solve, like:

Advanced Vue Component Design takes everything I know about using Vue to build more than basic UI widgets and bundles it up into one comprehensive course that you can work through in an afternoon.

What's Inside

The full course clocks in at 34 lessons totaling 4 hours of content.

It covers topics like:

  • Building custom controlled components
  • Strategies for keeping logic encapsulated and making components more portable
  • Using composition to extend components instead of mixins or inheritance
  • How and why to use render functions, even if you aren’t using JSX
  • Using data provider components to reuse non-UI logic
  • Creating renderless components that are completely customizable
  • Designing compound components using Vue’s provide and inject features
  • Real-world case studies on building robust sortable list and search select components

Every lesson is as short as possible but no shorter, so you’ll learn everything you need to know in just the right amount of time at just the right pace.

The whole course is neatly organized by topic too, so it’s super easy to go back and find the exact lesson you’re looking for when you’re trying to apply these ideas on the job.

Building Controlled Components

Customizing Controlled Component Bindings

Wrapping External Libraries

Encapsulating Behavior: Global Events

Encapsulating Behavior: Direct DOM Manipulation

Encapsulating Behavior: Portals

Encapsulating Behavior: Reusing Portals

Injecting Content Using Slots

Native-Style Buttons Using Slots and Class Merging

Extending Components Using Composition

Passing Data Up Using Scoped Slots

Render Functions 101

Render Functions and Components

Render Functions and Children

Render Functions and Slots

Data Provider Components

Getting Started with Renderless Components

Passing Data Props

Passing Action Props

Passing Binding Props

Using Functions as Binding Props

Implementing Alternate Layouts with Renderless Components

Configuring Renderless Components

Wrapping Renderless Components


Building an Element Query Component


Compound Components and Provide/Inject


Building a Compound Sortable List Component


Building a Search Select: Data Bindings


Building a Search Select: Filtering


Building a Search Select: Focus Management


Building a Search Select: Making It Controlled


Building a Search Select: Keyboard Navigation


Building a Search Select: Click Outside Component


Building a Search Select: Integrating Popper.js

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“The best part of Adam’s course is not only does he show you more advanced patterns for building Vue components, but he also walks you through the evolution of each piece, so you get a sense of why things work the way they do. This approach to teaching is excellent because it’s easier to remember, and you learn the concepts more deeply. Highly recommended!”

Sarah Drasner / Vue Core Team

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All of the videos are hosted inside of a custom platform I put together just for this course.

Instead of downloading a bazillion gigs of content, you just login to the course area with your GitHub account and you’ll have access to everything right away.

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Who am I?

Hey! I'm @adamwathan, author of Test-Driven Laravel and Refactoring to Collections, host of Full Stack Radio, and creator of Tailwind CSS.

I teach everything I know on my blog, through screencasts, and at conferences around the world.

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