Advanced Vue Component Design

Learn how to design simpler, more flexible components that are both more powerful and easier to maintain.

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If you enjoyed my recent guide on writing Renderless Components in Vue.js, you’re going to love what I'm working on next.

I’ve been shipping Vue.js to production since the spring of 2015 and have learned a ton about writing maintainable, resilient Vue code that lasts over these past three years.

Advanced Vue Component Design is a video series I’m working on that covers topics like:

...and much more.

Every pattern is explained using practical, real-world examples that you’ve probably run into on the job.

We’ll build things like modals, dropdowns, and autocomplete controls, as well as things you probably didn’t even know were possible, like a renderless element query component.

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Who am I?

Hey! I'm @adamwathan, author of Test-Driven Laravel and Refactoring to Collections, host of Full Stack Radio, and creator of Tailwind CSS.

I teach everything I know on my blog, through screencasts, and at conferences around the world.

Photo by Niels Luigjes 2016